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Welcome future team member, you have made the right decision in watching this Big idea Mastermind video. It is hard to get across in one video the power of this Big Idea Mastermind, BIM for short, system that is why we have written a comprehensive report in the link above.

Not only will you get to see what the big idea mastermind is all about, you will also get to see our team. Everyone in the industry knows that joining a powerful team and rising team is half the battle. If you have the resources in place, like we do in our big idea mastermind team there is literally no chance of failure.

In our big idea mastermind team we have people covering all the leader boards out of over 150,000 affiliates. The big idea mastermind is literally taking the internet by storm and is transforming the lives of countless individuals across the globe. I personally owe all of my success to our big idea mastermind team and resources available.

Whether you are brand new to the industry of making money online, or you are a seasoned veteran, you really would be insane to at least check out our team bonus’s and resources available in the link above, there is no opt in required simply head over there and check it out!

Most of my big idea mastermind income comes from free marketing, which is what I specialize in, as you can probably tell from ranking this and many other videos on Google. You get my complete blueprint to do this as well as dozens of other big idea mastermind leaders within the team and their exact strategies.

This really is a chance of a lifetime to break free finally with the big idea mastermind and all you have to do is head over to the blog post by clicking the link above and taking action.

I look forward to connecting with all you future big idea mastermind teammates inside. Over & Out Rhys

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  1. Big Idea Mastermind in simply one of the best Internet & Network marketing
    programs available on the internet. I have never made as much money online
    as I have since being a member.If you are looking for a get rich scheem…
    this IS NOT it. This is the REAL DEAL. All you need to to is get in and
    dedicate yourself… follow the program. How bad do you want it?? :)

  2. Aloha. I am a BIM Diamond and am going through the 30 day to 10K program.
    It is the best decision my wife has forced me in to in our internet
    marketing life. Great work on your video…

  3. BIM is the best training program/system for both the new and experienced
    marketer to earn income online. If you can’t make it here…You wont make
    it anywhere else. Period…End of Story!

  4. Really great program. It is really hard to say no to such great support and
    family!! Lets keep it going guys.

  5. BIM is the best thing that has happened to me since I became an online
    marketer. BIM will turn anyone into an expert master marketer and make
    success in Empower Network a sure thing!

  6. the real concept of making money online begins with knowing what is it that
    you want as your end result. Show me any other coaching or mentoring
    program that first and foremost truly teaches you the basics of building a
    solid foundation , from which you can launch not only one but countless
    successful online ventures. BIM is the REAL DEAL.

  7. I love Big Idea Mastermind! I have been searching for years on how to make
    money online. I finally found what I’d been searching for. This community
    is the best that you will ever come across. Everyone is willing to help
    each other and lift each other up to succeed. There’s also a new system
    that I’m currently going through called the 30 day to 10k Program. It’s
    helping me to develop a solid foundation to build my mindset and my
    internet business in Empower Network. Vick is the best mentor EVER!

  8. Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that I have been in Vick’s Big Idea
    Mastermind for a few weeks now and I have to say that the information and
    training inside that program is absolutely LIFE CHANGING. I am currently
    going through the 30 Day to $10k challenge and that program is particularly

  9. In my opinion, Big Idea Mastermind is by far the best online program that
    will allow you to grow as a person as your income grows with you. The 30
    days to 10K program is life changing to say the least. If you are lacking
    clarity in your life, then BIM is what you need to join!

  10. Hi! Can anyone help me?? I have joined this guy team on EN but when I’m
    trying to register on BIM with the access ID and API key a error message
    appears “The database has encountered a problem, please try again later.”
    Some one can help me?? Thanks!

  11. To 1shengthao, this isn´t a scam, this is a diferent of making an online
    income grow, cuz the whole packaged-system, and the truth is, like many
    others on the web, you got to put some effort. Try it and then you can give
    us your advice :)

  12. The BIM truth is – Vick found the best vehicle on the market to start his
    Big Idea Mastermind. This now is the smartest marriage between his idea of
    a POLAR OPPOSITE marketing strategy and EN’s one-of-a-kind blogging

  13. It’s not a pyramid scheme. Big Idea Mastermind is develop by one of worlds
    best marketing expert, Vick Strizheus. Just do a google search of him. He’s
    been around for many years on the Internet. The methods, techniques used in
    Big Idea Mastermind can be applied to any business.

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  15. BIM = AWESOME – So cool to make all of these new friends and I just made my
    first $1000 DAY!!!! Gotta LOVE it :)

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